Family Law

Family Law

Family issues are some of the most difficult issues that an individual has to deal with. Individuals do not plan on getting separated or divorced and are rarely prepared for the stressful requirements of the legal process.
At Sojourner King Law, we guide you through your matrimonial matters as efficiently and as effectively possible.

Our firm can assist with:

• Separation and divorce
• Common-law relationships
• Domestic violence
• Child custody and access
• Division of property and debts
• Child support
• Spousal support
• Variations in final orders

• Restraining/protection orders
• Grandparent rights
• Mobility rights litigation
• Domestic contracts — including marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements and separation agreements
• Paternity
• Other family law matters

Achieving good solutions in family law requires hard work, attention to detail, a keen knowledge of relevant legislation and an understanding of client needs. Sojourner King Law applies this expertise in every case it handles.